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Founded In 1973


What the heck are Magazettes?

Hi, Ned Burke here. And I'm certain that is what many of you ask when visiting this page for the first time.epnedburke

Well, it started back in 1973 when I was producing my first weekly newspapers and wanted to add a small tabloid insert in each about the "good old days." I called it Yesterdays and it immediately became a hit with readers.

However, as it was printed on newsprint and did contain some news items, many mistakenly called it "a little paper."

So I came up with the name "magazette" to show readers that Yesterday's Magazette was  both a magazine and a gazette (or newspaper.)

Today, the name "gazette" is a bit old-fashioned. But I like it, being more than a bit old-fashioned myself. So I recently added my "Magazette" name to many  of  my magazine-style web sites and launched this Magazettes Information Center so readers, like yourself, would have a one-stop place to access all the magazettes.

By the way, each magazette is part of the E. P. Burke Publishing group that is geared toward a family audience.

I hope you find this Magazettes Information Center very user-friendly and a super place to discover some new killer magazine/gazettes.

As always, E. P. Burke Publishing strives to bring you the best web sites on the Internet. 

Well, that's about all for now.

Have a great day!

And, as I always say, be kind to one another.

Take care,


E. P. Ned Burke


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