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Ned Burke here to welcome you to the Authors Showcase. 

I think you will find this site friendly and easy to navigate. A simple click on the navigation bar items above will take you to a world of news and writing help for all authors.


The first thing you should do is sign up so you will be informed of updates and be among the first to learn about other authors. 

Everything on this site is for, by, and about new and seasoned authors. So if you have published a book recently, this is the place to tell the world about it. All you have to do is CONTACT US with information about your book.

This is a free service, courtesy of E. P. Burke Publishing and Burke Publications. 

Please send the following to burkepublications@gmail.com:

(1) A short author bio (photo optional)

(2) Title of your book

(3) The sales page URL on Amazon.com or another site where we can obtain a copy of your book cover and other information.

(4) If you have more than one book currently in print, we will include them also, as space allows.

*Notice: We reserve the right to reject any books we deem lewd or offensive to our readers.

This is your opportunity to get your book noticed FREE. 

Listen, I'm also an author and I know how difficult it is to get the attention of the reading public. So this site was built primarily to showcase the abundance of talented authors who receive little or no recognition for their hard work.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or something stronger and study what this site has to offer. After you've read about our advertised authors and their books, visit our bookstore and our other interesting categories.

And above all, be sure to come back again.

Take care, and be kind to one another.


E. P. Ned Burke


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