Dear Colleague:

My name is Ned Burke. And I'm hoping in the days to come when you are talking about me to your friends and business associates you will say:  "I like Copywriter's Magazette." 

For more than three decades I've been in the publishing field in one form or another: Newspapers - magazines - books -newsletters - e-zines - websites ... well, you get the picture.

The point is, I understand your needs and with my background and experience I'd now like to promote you!

You work hard and deserve to be recognized. You have accomplished something others have only dreamed of doing. And I'm not talking about the fifteen minutes of fame you might get in your local paper. I'm talking about the recognition that comes with publicity on a worldwide website. And the best way to get started is to promote yourself FREE on this site. 

Copywriters Magazette will give you the time, care, and respect you deserve. 


I realize your time is valuable and right now you’re probably tapping your fingers and asking, “Okay. How much?”

That’s always the bottom line, isn’t it? 

Well, I’m hoping you’re sitting down for this. How’s your heart? I’m a bit worried because my “price” may send you for a loop. I mean, a guy with thirty-plus years experience in the publishing field should demand and get a pretty good fee for his services, right?

Absolutely. But I'm getting old and want to help a select group of copywriters. And I believe you are in that group. So send me information about yourself and your copywriting service to burkepublications@gmail.com and I'll promote you for Nothing. Zero. Nada. You don’t pay a single dime. So close up your checkbook now and relax.

“Take a chance on yourself ...”

Why am I doing this? Well, as I said, I’m no longer a young buck grabbing at every job I can get my hands on. I’m more patient now ... and perhaps a little kinder and wiser. Besides, I know how hard it is for the "little guy" in copywriting to get noticed. And that's where Copywriters Magazette comes in. 

Here's what I'm looking for today–and for whom Copywriters Magazette is intended: sincere, honorable, hardworking and new copywriters who want some recognition.

Send me a sample of your work or an article on copywriting and I'll place it here with a FREE link back to your website. That's all you have to do.

Hope you enjoy this site. And come back again because I'll be adding new stuff from time to time.

If you want to check on my other magazettes, go to: http://magazettes.com for a list.

Best regards,


E. P. Ned Burke



Some Frequently Asked Questions:

*These are questions that I've been asked in the past with my answers. Right now I'm not actively seeking any additional copywriting work.

What is the copywriting process?

As a freelance copywriter, I like to begin all of my client relationships with an initial friendly consultation during which we discuss your copywriting needs, goals, and timeframes. Afterwards I will draw up a proposal or 'statement-of-work' outlining what we discussed and including an estimate for freelance copywriting fees. If you decide you'd like to work with me, I will mail or fax you a basic Letter of Agreement which confirms our business arrangement. 

Once you've signed this document and returned it to me, the project can begin. I will ask you to provide as much background material as possible which I will use as the basis for my writing. This includes (but is not limited to) brochures, flyers, marketing e-mails, reports, case studies, web content, and any other kind of  information you may have. Knowledge is the key to writing effective copy!

After I have provided you with the first copywriting draft, I will ask that you thoroughly review it and organize your comments, questions and revisions for discussion. There are times when your copy may need some minor revisions. The task of writing copy is essentially a collaborative process. Open communication is absolutely crucial if I am to perform successfully as your personal copywriter. I am not satisfied until you are satisfied.

What do copywriting fees include?

My copywriting fees include in-depth research, telephone/e-mail discussions, copywriting, and up to two rounds of copy revisions, if needed. In addition, I can convert any manuscript or Word document into a downloadable .pdf e-book and can complete the process with booklet printing, collating, folding, and ring or saddle-stitch binding for a very reasonable cost.

How can you do a project if you don't have any direct experience in that field?

Research is an integral part of the process for any copywriter, and my copywriting fees include this research. Prior to writing even one word of copy, I spend ample time getting up to speed on your business, audience, products and your USP (Unique Selling Proposition.) I am a 'quick study' as well as a zealous learner. Research is a part of my job which I truly enjoy. I specialize in editing and ghostwriting all types of books.

How do get started?

The ideal way to launch a new project is to contact me by e-mail so we can collaborate on the creation of a “creative platform.” The platform defines all the key elements, objectives and parameters of the project and serves to get everybody involved “on the same page.”

What to charge?

I charge on a per project basis and prepare a written estimate for each one. Estimates are all-inclusive for meetings, research, outlines, copy, and ongoing project coordination. Invoices will not exceed the estimated price. Most small jobs are billed upon completion, however for larger projects—such as booklets, web sites or multi-piece projects—I request a percentage to be paid up-front or at certain milestones. All projects require written pre-approval. Payment terms are Net 10 days.

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