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Funny how life is a circle.  

When I put to bed my weekly newspaper column, Burke's Corner, more than 35 years ago, I never expected to use it again.

But here it is once more! 

Anyway, welcome to YOUR new site, Publishers Magazette. I'm hoping it will help publicize the talents of our many self-publishers.

Feel free to contribute whatever you want. This is YOUR gateway to the World Wide Web. Don't hesitate to promote yourself and your product, or to send us news items of interest. 

Okay, let's get started:


I especially want you to read the review of The Wealthy Writer. I believe it's a great product for any writer who wants to make money on the web these days.

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Madonna Dries Christensen has published an enchanting book, Toys Remembered. Visit her website for more information:

Roy Lunn has published "World Crisis: It all Started With 9/11." He writes about the importance of transportation to the world's activities and economies.

Russ Heitz has written a suspense novel titled, "Dying In Deer Country."

John N. Haswell has published "Thirty Minutes." It's a story about a sexy obstetrician.

Richard Sassone has written and illustrated a children's book, "Galangous."

JB Hamilton Queen announced that her fourth novel, Masters of the Breed, is available at: or or on her website at: 

Jack Powell has written "Time Traveler's Guide to Florida."

Peter Johannes has a new book, "Tedric, The House Mouse," about a journey into the world of a house mouse.

Gary R. Libby's new book is called, "Reflections: Paintings of Florida." It is a coffee-table book.

Steve Valley has published a book about the behind-the-scenes life of an American soldier serving in Iraq. The book is titled, "Inside The Fortress."

Mary E. Schumacher has published a novel, Lynette Wonders About Sex in Her Twilight Years. The book is about an older woman's quest for companionship.

Graham Forbes has written a book, Rock and Roll Tourist, about the secret world of touring musicians.

Terrance Zepke's new book, Lowcountry Voodoo: Beginner's Guide To Tales, Spells and Boo Hags, explores the traditions that African slaves brought to America.

Michael Biehl has written a mystery novel set in the Florida Keys called Seven Mile Bridge.
Bob Patterson has penned a collection of stories and legends about Florida's history. The book is called Forgotten Tales of Florida.
Diane Gilbert Madsen has come out with a new DD McGil mystery series. The first book is titled, A Cadger's Curse.
Don Smally has written a book called Sarasota and Me: An Engineer's Life (and Love) Story about his career in Sarasota.
Denton E. Morrison has published a collection of poems and poetic stories called Imagine A Time. The book is illustrated by Denton's wife Bonnie.
Russell and Annie Johnson's new book (and CD) for children is called Florida Facts.
Larry J. Tracy has written a collection of family history and essays titled, A Letter to Annabelle.
Paul A. Toth has written a novel about a man who pursues the sender of a threatening letter. The book is called Finale.

Don Bruns has written his third "dude-dunits" novel. This one, titled Stuff To Spy For, is about the funny adventures of his "more-or-less" characters, Skip Moore and James Lessor.

Jennifer Childers has written a book about a Nazi plan to euthanize children with disabilities. It called Kindertransport.

Martin Tucker, with co-author Albert Russo, recently published a collection of stories, essays and poems about definitions of  identity. The book is called, Boundaries Of Exile, Conditions Of Hope.

Reginald Hill's mystery series is set in England. His newest book is called Midnight Fugue.

Jess Walter has published a new book called The Financial Lives of The Poets. It  is a story about a man who creates a web site devoted to financial journalism in the form of poetry.

Austin Clark's new novel, More, is about an immigrant woman who struggles to make sense of her life.

Bruce Feiler has written a book about how Moses inspired many American leaders. The book is called America's  Prophet: Moses and The American Story.

Christina Asquith is the author of a new book called Sisters In War: A Story of Love, Family and Survival in The New Iraq. It is about four woman who face the  many challenges  of life in the Middle East.

Albert M. Langley Jr. has written a book about the railroad line that served the Sarasota area at one time. The book is titled: Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Album.

Jalma Barrett has a book out, based on a true story. The book is by BookSurge and is called The Dove Family Tale.

Joyce Walker has written a combination of grandmotherly advice in Grandmother Knows Best and Tell It Like It Is.

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