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E. P. Ned Burke worked in the publishing field for over 40 years and is currently the president of E. P. Burke Publishing and serves as editor of Yesterday's Magazette and Writer's Magazette.  

He is also the owner of the many other magazettes that are listed at

 In addition, he is the author of the Amos Grant mystery series, The Dead Ringer of TatervilleDead Man's Hand and Naked Lies. He has also published 1959-In Search of EldoradoThe Hero of BarrytonHow To Be An Online Magazine PublisherHey! You Wanna Be A Writer? and other titles. 

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Carrillee Collins Burke has won numerous writing contests and her byline has appeared in many magazines. Her story, Country Girl, was nominated for the Pushcart Prize and was the basis for her book of prose and  poetry.

She is the author of Country Girl and Windows To My Heart.

Country Girl is an eclectic selection from her collection of over one hundred award-winning stories, essays, and poems. Stories range from nostalgia, to humor, to amateur sleuth mysteries. Some have won multi-awards; most have been published in national magazines and local newspapers.

Windows To My Heart is a sampling from her vast poetry collection.

Madonna Dries Christensen considered it the luck o' the Irish when she stumbled upon her Jones and McLaughlin cousins' unique story during genealogy research. After publishing an article about this family in the Tampa Tribune, she received an offer from an independent filmmaker who wanted to collaborate with her on a screenplay of the story. 

While flattered, she felt uneasy about giving rights to someone who might have a different vision of the story, and who might take years to complete the project (if ever). She declined the contract and wrote Swinging Sisters, the musical journey of the Texas Rangerettes, a Depression era all-girl band. 

Her second book, Masquerade: The Swindler Who Conned J. Edgar Hoover, is also based on a true story, but not of a family member. It's how one Hungarian immigrant's genius for masquerade extended to impersonating noted people in order to prey on industrialists and celebrities. Even J. Edgar Hoover got conned!

Her book, Dolls Remembered, is now on sale. As touchstones to childhood, Madonna says dolls validate a span of years that often seems like a dream, a few moments in time. With their life-like faces, blemished complexions, and snarled hair, childhood dolls hold sway with a magical power that rarely wanes, and often grows. Sure to be a keepsake.

Madonna is a past Contributing Editor to Writer's Guidelines and News; current Editor of the online magazine Doorways Memoirs (; Contributing Editor and columnist for Yesterday's Magazette;  Contributing Editor to Writer's Magazette, and a columnist for Extra Innings. She is listed in Who's Who in America, and her work has appeared in more than one hundred publications. 

Dorothy Conlon is an octogenarian globe-trotter who, often traveling alone, explores destinations that are well off the beaten track. She is the author of At Home in the World: Memoirs of a Traveling Woman.  

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Steve Jackson - For more than twenty-five years Steven H. Jackson has worked as a management and technology consultant assisting organizations of all sizes with the evaluation and assimilation of new technology and the outsourcing of non-core competencies.  As an internationally recognized expert in several areas of high technology and their marketplaces, Mr. Jackson has provided business leaders with the insight necessary to acquire and integrate complementary technology and its supporting organization.  He has also assisted Fortunate 100 companies in the analysis of emerging technologies helping them to make strategic decisions.

He continues to advise industry in both a consulting capacity and as an authority on strategic growth through acquisition, divestiture and outsourcing both domestically and abroad.

Mr. Jackson lives with his wife in Sarasota where he is currently working on his next Thomas Briggs novel.

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Adam Wasserman is a native resident of Sarasota, Florida. Inspired by the People’s History series and other critical historical texts, he has determined to base his writing career on revisionist history, social change, and global issues inflicting the world today.
After reading numerous People’s History renditions, Adam decided to derive a comprehensive, revisionist history of where he was born and raised. People’s History is based on largely ignored primary sources and narratives to weave together a picture of how common people experienced and influenced history, rather than leaders or governments.
Wasserman began applying this revolutionary concept of history to his home state of Florida, completing and self-releasing A People’s History of Florida 1513-1876: How Africans, Seminoles, Women, and Lower Class Whites Shaped the Sunshine State. A People’s History of Florida continues the People’s History “approach,” formatting “history from below” through mostly ignored primary sources and narratives. While focusing primarily on revisionist history, social issues, and contemporary politics, Wasserman’s planned catalogue could be called nothing but diverse. You can view his web site at:
He is currently in the process of finishing up a promotional book, Two Sides to the Coin: A History of Gold, for reputable financial planning firm Phillip Roy Financial Services. Two Sides to the Coin tells the social and economic history of gold, along with its importance and implications for investors in the current economic recession. He has several works set for the future, including A People’s History of Florida 1877 to the PresentFighting Modern Day Slavery: The Coalition of Immokalee Workers, and a narrative memoir of a Holocaust survivor.

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