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"Madonna Dries Christensen's poignant memoir, In Her Shoes, is a superb model for the preservation of personal family memories. Anyone who wishes to record his or her own family history should read this book first. With precise writing and awe-inspiring photos, Madonna has created a cherished keepsake for her immediate family as well as for posterity. As she aptly states in this memorable memoir: "We become who we are because of who we were; a culmination of the momentous and the minutiae."  

 ~ ~ E. P. Ned Burke, author of seven novels and editor of Yesterday's Magazette and Writer's Magazette.

Siesta Beach Named One Of Eight Most Incredible Beaches In The World!

Millionaires Love Naples

NAPLES, Fla. - Millionaires love to live in Naples. A new national report shows Naples has the second most millionaires per capita. Residents of the Paradise Coast aren't surprised.

The Lego Man Video

Heard about The Lego Man washing ashore on Siesta Beach in Sarasota? Click here to see video.

Rare White Wombat

What can be cuter than a rare white wombat. Never saw one? Well just click here to see video.

What Makes You Cry?

Author Nicholas Sparks reveals what makes him cry and how he's able to write emotional tales. Click here to view video.

Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark talks about The Magical Christmas Horse.

Suspense author, Mary Higgins Clark and her longtime friend and Illustrator Wendell Minor discuss their newest project. Click here to view video.

Wealth Up 275% For Rich

Surprise! The rich got a lot richer in the last three decades. Click here to read all about it. 

Teachers Pay A Disgrace!


Ever wonder how the hours American teachers work and the salary they earn compares to teachers in other industrialized nations? 

Well, the picture's not pretty. In this infographic courtesy of the Future Journalism Project, American educators work the most hours of all industrialized nations, but are the fifth lowest paid after 15 years on the job. Only Luxembourg, Hungary, Iceland, and Norway pay their teachers less.

And how do we compare to the country that's number one in the world in education according to international tests, Finland? Teachers there work the fifth fewest hours and are the ninth lowest paid. Sure, no one goes into education for the money, but at a certain point doesn't it seem wrong that teachers pretty much everywhere else on this chart work less but get paid more?

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